New Technology in an Older Home

The retro fit control 4 system installed in my house started with 4 televisions and sound in 4 rooms and over the past year has expanded to include 8 TV locations with audio capability at all locations as well as 10 light loads controlled with preset dimming and on off functions programmed.  The ease of the system has been surprising after having another brand AV system in a prior home for the past 8 years.  Control 4 has been programmed in my entire family’s personal phones and 2 hand held remotes for each level has made using it very convenient.  We’ve found that we enjoy more music variety as well as live stream sporting events from the college and high school level to be watched on our wall mounted TV’s.  I think one of the main benefits outside the function of the entire system is the affordability to expand on the system as your family becomes familiar with it and discovers how much they may want to add.  Control 4 has made the way we feel about our house as a family very progressive and state of the art!

Mike Bullett 04-Apr-2014
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